Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige



This book was a crazy ride of twists and turns. Paige’s alternative Land of Oz is truly one that comes from nightmares. The nice and sweet Dorothy, the girl from Kansas, is back in Oz but now she wants all the magic that Oz has to offer. Amy Gumm is not your typical girl from Kansas with pink hair and she is from the trailer park Dusty Acres.


So I was a little surprised with the title. When I started the book I was thinking now why would anyone want to kill Dorothy? Well, once Amy lands in Oz I can see why. With Glinda and her munchkins magic mining and slow killing Oz, the place is getting a little dark.

I loved what Paige did with the land of Oz and Amy is one kickass character. Oh and the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked is one of the most badass groups of witches I have seen.  There were a lot of plots twists and turns in this book, that it made not want to put the book down for even a second. The ending was really crazy too!


I already reserved my copy of the second book in the series from the library.